M&D Pro Skate is the skate shop for your skating needs. Hockey, goalie or figure, we can sharpen your skates around your busy schedule. 

We Feel Your Pain. YOU are the busy parent of a child with skates. YOU are the coach of hockey or figure skaters.  But, let's be honest. You are the equipment manager! Congratulations

And those skates need to be sharpened. Often. Why? Because sharpening skates makes your child, skater, hockey player skate faster, feel more confident, and reduces their fatigue. 

Sharpening skates is a challenge.  You are BUSY and juggling a lot when you're not at the rink. Most skate sharpeners have inconvenient hours, inexperienced staff, queues out the door, and outdated machinery and techniques. 

Our Mission

Our skate shop provides our customers with reliable skate sharpening. Whether your skater is learning, recreational, novice or elite, our staff can assist in your skating needs. We pride ourselves at being a small business that makes our customers a priority. We understand the need for realistic skate shop hours, consistent sharpening and this is motivation to our business. 

M&D Pro Skate is the place for skating. We have the contacts and information all in one location. Whether it's drop-in skills, private lessons, winter/spring hockey, hockey/figure skating camps, Learn to Skate/Learn to Play, or figure skating teams, we can provide you with the right information and people to contact. We take the mystery out of where to start or where to continue.

Ever wonder how do I get involved on that team? What happens after Learn to Skate/Play Hockey? Is my skater too young to start playing hockey?  Where and who does private lessons? Who has power skating and stick handling skills once the winter season is over?  How do I join a Synchro or Theatre on Ice Team in my area? 

You have the questions. We have the answers.  M&D Pro Skate is your skating stop. Ask us, we can help and start planning your skater's future skating.


M&D Pro Skate pays attention to your blades


Above is an example of incorrect skate sharpening. A player brought these to us after complaining he was having trouble skating. Parent did not understand because "skates were just sharpened". 

Before picture is after skates being done by an inexperienced skate sharpener. Sharpened edge is not level and creates difficulty with speed, edge work and stopping. Increases fatigue and frustration. 

Below picture is the blade after being sharpened with us. A blade should be level after a proper sharpening.

Come visit us a M&D Pro Skate. #notallskatesharpeningsarethesame